Content Goals for 2014

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You want to build stellar content this year; you want to tell the world all about yourself and your business. 2014 is the year to share.

If like us you are creative souls then you probably have lots of ideas, thoughts, topics jotted down. You may have things you want to share, information you want to relay to your customers or topical news worthy ramblings that you are just dying to spill.  The journey to building the perfectly optimised content that will engage your target market can be an exciting, thought provoking roller coaster of creativity, but STOP!

Let’s take a moment and breathe.  Let’s think about WHY you are so excited to build fresh content? Or WHY you are so eager to revive existing content?
When planning your content you need to be mindful of your goals.

(Stick the kettle on and get your whiteboard and coloured pens out…it’s time to draw some brainstorm bubbles!)

Are you trying to…

  • Drive Traffic?
  • Drive Sales?
  • Build Community?
  • Raising Awareness?
  • Reach a broad range of people?

Then think about…

  • How much time do you have to create engaging content every day?
  • What is your skill level?
  • How much team size do you have or are you alone?
  • Are you hiring a freelancer?

Money, time and the skill set of the person in charge of handling the content marketing campaign are vital considerations to consider.
Here at VooDoo we suggest that a “newbie” to the world of content creation and marketing start out slowly by featuring a blog on their website. A blog is a short update/bulletin roughly 300-500words and including imagery, video or podcasts. Having a blog page is like having an online newspaper from you for your audience. Blogs are typically industry specific and highly effective in keeping your community engaged with what you do and what you’re up to day in day out.

We recommend running a minimum of 4 blogs a month on your website (Just to give you an idea on volume), each blog can be shared on across your social media.

 Do your homework

  • Study your competition, look at their best work. Can you fill an unfilled niche?
  • Read the blogs of the leaders in your industry
  • Find a way to put your own spin on blogs in your industry
  • Create an editorial calendar, most blogs & video clips run out of steam after a few weeks because the authors lack the ability to think up interesting blog topics

It is not good enough to expect results just because you’re content is live; you need to promote your content:

  • Get involved in social networks, enlist the help of friends to like and share your content.
  • Offer to guest blogs and give interviews.
  • Promote the content of others.
  • Encourage community participation, an active community give off a good vibe
  • Use share buttons

To allow your audience give their feedback you can add one of these widgets to your sites: