Social Media Marketing

social_media_marketingSocial media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.  When you use social media to market your business you are not only promoting your product or service you are actively encouraging the growth of your online community.

Typically social media marketing focuses on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it on their social networks.

At VooDoo we offer:

By readers/potential customers sharing this content on their social networks they inadvertently share it with their friends and followers.

This resulting “electronic word of mouth” refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet (e.g. web sites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds) about an event, product, service, brand or company.

This type of marketing often results in an ‘earned customer’ rather than a ‘paid customer’.

Social Media Marketing is a tool that:

  • Casts a wide net to attract potential customers
  • Increases engagement with a brand
  • Promotes the building of an online community for a brand

As social media grows in popularity more and more social networking sites are appearing we are not just limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We as online marketers and consumers have a whole range of social media platforms to advertise on. Pinterest, FourSquare and Google+ are just a few of the most popular social media networks.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phone usage has sky rocketed in recent years and as a result a brand must adapt an “always-on” approach in order to weather the marketing storm. A brand must keep in touch with its audience in real-time.

This constant connection to social networking sites serves to constantly remind and update people about a business’s offerings, capabilities, importance, and benefits.

This kind of new age social engagement means that customers and stakeholders are participants in a business rather than viewers. Today, the use of social media in business is a way of letting anyone and everyone express and share anything they want to somewhere along the business’s path to market.

It is therefore true to say that the engagement process is fundamental to successful social media marketing.

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