What are AdWords?

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“AdWords are Google’s online advertising platform that can help drive people to your website”

I’m still confused by the term AdWords
The term “AdWords” is the trademarked name of Google’s Pay Per Click Program.

Why should I use AdWords in my online marketing campaign?

  • AdWords allow you to take advantage of the millions of searches conducted on Google every day.
  • AdWords can be a key way to market and grow your business online by increasing your business’s visibility on Google.
  • Using AdWords allows potential customers find you on Google and many other websites.

Some key benefits of using AdWords

  • You only pay when potential customers click on your ad and then actually visit your website this process is also known as PPC or Pay per Click.
  • It lets potential clients know your open for business online.
  • It is the smart way to attract customers on the go (mobile).
  • It’s a great way to attract potential from near or far.

Basically, you create small advertisements for your business and choose when and where you want these advertisements to appear on Google next to relevant search results.

The concept is simple:
You enter words that are relevant to your product or service and then AdWords shows your advertisement on Google when someone searches for that or related words.

So how does AdWords work?
Say you searched for “Car Dealers in Dublin” Google combs through billions of webpages and blogs and other listings to find the ones most relevant to Dublin based car dealers.

Q.           There are thousands of search results here, many of them are other car related sites?

A.            Not all businesses may be listed among the top results. AdWords gives your business visibly, even if your website is not in the top results.

AdWords can help get your business to appear on Google in front of many potential customers.  A potential customer searches, then they find your business, they click, and they could become your customers.

car dealers in dublin

Another example of how AdWords can help grow a business:
Say you want to attract customers in your local area.  AdWords lets you pick where and when you want your advertisements to show. Therefore, you can target your ads so that when people in your state, region, city or neighbourhood search for businesses like yours, your ad shows up next to their search results.

BMW Dealer Dublin

With AdWords you can also display your ad on thousands of sites across the web your ads will show up when potential customers are visiting sites related to the products/services you offer.

Let’s say you sell “new or used cars” and someone reading about the latest car news on a related site may be interested in buying a car from your site.

Skoda banner example

With all this in mind, it may be time to take your online marketing to the next level and set up you AdWords account today with VooDoo!

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