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3 Steps To Profitable PPC

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Creating and managing a profitable PPC campaign requires a lot more work than Google let on. Many clients come to us having tried one of two things:

    Outsourced their PPC marketing to an inexperienced digital agency.

    Typically clients will have paid hundreds if not thousands of euro to an agency only to experience minimal Return On Investment. This can be due to incorrect campaign setup, inadequate research and poor management. Often the client is left holding a grudge against PPC as a result of being ripped off.

    Unsuccessfully attempted to set up and manage PPC campaigns themselves.

    This can prove an epic waste of resources, especially to an SME. To enjoy the rewards of a well run PPC campaign one must have the analytical skills and mindframe needed to manage such a task. Often times business owners/marketing managers get confused by the analytical data and realise they need to call in the help of a PPC professional to fix up, optimise and manage any campaigns they many have started.

A profitable PPC campaign takes time to set up, contrary to what Google Adwords may say!

Step 1. Research

Research is a vital first step any PPC campaign.
Think about your goals for each campaign.
Collect accurate data, this will help you find the correct keywords from which to formulate killer ad copy.
Create engaging ad copy based on Google’s best practises.
And structure your campaigns so they are easy to manage and report on

Step 2. Tracking/Reporting

You need to measure the results of each PPC campaign via factual data that cannot be argued with. Using Google Analytics you need to monitor your PPC campaigns constantly. The first days of a new campaign should be used to trouble-shooting. After that if you find a campaign is not running successfully you need to figure out why, and either fix it or stop it. Otherwise you will be wasting money each month.

Step 3. Optimisation

PPC campaigns need constant optimising, this is one of the major reasons why business owners/marketing managers outsource the work. PPC is highly profitable if managed, optimised and reported on accurately.

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