How long does it take?

The timeframe relies on several variables for example:

  • How many products or services do you wish to promote online?
  • Does your campaign run nationally or is it a multi-national and multi-lingual campaign?
  • Does your advertisement run through one or several PPC platforms? Eg Google,Bing, Yahoo ect

Generally the time required to set up your campaign is between 5 hours and 5 days.

At this juncture we need to:

  • Analyse your specific market
  • Analyse your online and offline competitors
  • Carry out intensive keywords research
  • Create the PPC account/s
  • Divide the main account into sub campaigns
  • Create the ad copies
  • Translate the ad copy (if required)
  • Set up a Google Analytics account and other tracking applications
  • Prepare a strategic plan with ROI expectations
  • Gain feedback from you on the project

VooDoo guides your business quickly and effectively, therefore encouraging brand new (untapped) activity taking your business to the next level.

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