Monthly PPC Management

As a pay per click specialist, we focus on increasing traffic and generating more sales from your existing advertising budgets.

Our qualified account managers weave their VooDoo magic using the latest features and management techniques to better understand your campaigns. With this understanding, we are in a better position to make changes and improve your website’s conversion rates.

It is important to note that we don’t just drive traffic your site, we drive qualified traffic i.e. the people who want your product or service!

It might sound obvious but you would be surprised how many companies make this error.

As part of our pay per click management service we:

  • Learn about your company and industry
  • Create a bespoke strategy with your goals and objectives in mind
  • Build a structured PPC campaign with highly targeted keywords and results focused ad creatives

And that’s just the start!

Once the new campaign is underway it will need to be closely monitored to improve cost per clicks (CPCs), click through rates (CTRs), reduce costs and increase returns on investment (ROI).

We will also provide monthly reports tailored to your specific needs.

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