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Panicking About PPC Campaigns this Christmas?

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Managing, optimising and protecting your PPC campaigns can seem like a never ending task, especially over the holiday season. Imagine not having to worry about your PPC this Christmas?

Protecting your PPC campaigns is important. We all know it’s not good enough to “set and forget” your PPC anymore and continually questioning your initial strategy can be exhausting.

Competition is high, and marketers are outsmarting each other at an alarming rate. Avoid becoming preoccupied with your PPC campaigns this season with a little help from VooDoo.

Here are 2 ways to reduce the pressure of PPC, allowing you to focus on the nicer things in life, like enjoying Christmas! Trust us it can be done…heres how:

Method No.1 Classify By Performance

If you are not the best at minding your PPC budget management this method will help you. Reorganizing your PPC campaigns to reflect past performances is the most logical and effective ways to re-organise your campaigns. This allows you to invest money into the top performing ones and better allocate your budgets to lower performing adgroups.

Method No. 2 Classify Intelligently

To intelligently classify your PPC campaigns and adgroups, first you must understand your customers buying behaviours. Reviewing “Google Analytics Performance Data” is a great way to gain useful insights, as is exploring the client “back-end” performance reports. Once you have gathered all the data you need, you will be in a better position to re-organise any PPC campaigns and adgroups that need it.

If this all sounds wayyyyyy too technical, give one of our PPC specialists a call on 01 4404001   or Email Us now. Our PPC experts chat to overwhelmed marketing managers all the time, and are more than happy to explain, dumb down and even take over your Pay Per Click advertising strategy. Optimising, implementing and tracking the results of your campaigns just for you!