Pay Per Click Management Services Overview

Whether you are:

  • A start-up company
  • An established company that has never used the Internet as an advertising channel
  • A company that has already enjoyed the benefits of pay per click advertising and now wants to increase profits and maximise their budget

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management service includes:

  • Market Analysis
    We pride ourselves in giving 100% to every project, before embarking on work we always run a complete analysis providing our clients with a analytical and comprehensive vision of the plan to show their starting position. We focus on the specific dynamics of each client in a specific market.
  • Competitor Benchmark
    An analysis of direct online and offline competitors is always conducted for comparisons. Using the best solutions already adopted by the market, we develop the most efficient solutions for your needs.
  • Keyword Research
    We conduct extensive keywords research that will bring qualified traffic which is easily turned into buyers, business contacts or affiliates. Our Team of Certified Google Adwords Professionals will guarantee positive results.
  • Planning
    We plan each action and submit that plan to our clients so they can share our strategic vision. Our PPC advertising plans include the expected ROI, where customers can see how much their business will grow. We ensure correct investment decisions are made. New clients are guided through their online campaign.
  • Account Creation or Acquisition
    Creating an account seems easy, but many settings can not be changed once in place. It is important to choose, at the outset, some important settings such as an account payment model which fits your budget, your company and your campaign time frame. We assist you in this critical phase of account set-up.
  • Campaign Structuring or Campaign Optimisation
    This is the most crucial and important phase . We call on professional expertise to obtain a high quality score for each keyword. This leads to a highly optimised and structured campaign.

    • Negative keywords – having a good negative keyword level can mean savings of more than 20% of your budget
    • Branding – for your brand visibility
    • Competitor research – on competitors visibility
    • Generic Keywords – to guide more traffic to your site
    • Typos – to ensure no visitor is overlooked
    • Product / Service – where people are seeking the solutions that you provide
    • Industry specific – keywords relative to your field
    • Long tail – for searches with more descriptive keywords
    • Create compelling ad copy for your PPC Advertising thus targeting your services and increasing the quality score of your keywords. High quality score means higher ranking with lower bids.
    • Create specific landing pages to convert traffic into conversions that generate sales
  • Campaign management
    PPC Management is an ongoing process. After creating the campaign continuous monitoring is required. Fine tuning should be implemented every day with split testing, bounce rate analysis and PPC bid management.
  • Reporting
    Our clients receive a complete, specific and comprehensive report showing campaign performance and strategies required to meet their agreed target.

VooDoo is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with many years of experience in online advertising.

Why use VooDoo?

  • We are highly specialised.
  • Our market experience in itself is an indication of our reliability.
  • Our customer satisfaction index is the highest in our industry.
  • We manage budgets of between €600.00 to €120,000 per month. Whatever the size of your company, we can create an effective campaign to achieve your goals.
  • We have experience in various business sectors from tourism to teaching, from technology to the leisure industry. We are familiar with the specific problems in each area and actively pursue successful solutions to resolve them effectively.
  • Our philosophy is to be partners not vendors. This means proactive management of the campaign with continuous advice on the possibilities that the Web can offer to your business. We believe, the success of our clients is a measure of VooDoo’s success.